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I have had two major spine surgeries in the past seven ears to correct genetic defects and from injuries caused to my low back. My back is fused from L3 to S1 with medal fixation. I did get relief after the surgeries from the low back and severe leg pain. However, the past few years because of scar tissue around the surgery and more stenosis in my spine I have been suffering with severe low back spasms. To the point where my back would get so tight, it was uncomfortable to walk. I recently had an MRI done and was told that I needed a third back surgery. But after my second back surgery, I ended up with a hospital acquired infection and suffered severly from it for almost four months. So I would not consider another back surgery.

I was afraid to go to a general Chiropractor who does spinal manipulation because my low back is fixed. So, I researched Chiropractic treatments on the Internet and discovered the Activator Treatment. I looked up Chiropractors who were specifically trained in the Activator Method and found Dr. LoriAnn McKellar who also has an Advanced Profeciency Rating using the Activator Method. My treatments consisted of about 10 minutes of heat therapy to my low back, a 10-15 minute message and then Dr. Lori would treat me using the Activator.

There were days when I would walk in to her office bend over from the back spasms or walking lob sided. After her treatments, I can stand straight and walk with no discomfort.She has also treated me for shoulder, neck, hip and leg pain with almost 100% relief.

My husband last year experienced the loss of feeling and use of his right leg while we were shopping at Costco. My first impression as a nurse was that he was having a stroke. But I checked him for signs and symptoms of a stroke and they were all negative. After a few minutes he was able to put some pressure on his leg and with the use of a shopping cart, he was able to walk to the car. The next day the burning, numbness and tingling of his right hip and leg worsened. As it was the weekend, I took him to the ER. The doctor said it was because he wore his belt to tight and it was putting pressure on a nerve. Needless to say, the discomfort continued even after wearing his belt loose. He had an MRI done and was diagnosed with bulging discs at L4-L5.

We consulted with a chiropractor who does manual manipulations, two different Neuro Surgeons and two different Orthopedic surgeons and they all said there was nothing they could do for him.

After suffering with the discomfort for several more months, I convinced him to go to Dr. Lori for Activator Treatments. After only four treatments, the burning, tingling and numbness is completely gone form his hip and leg. Amazing. Thank God for Dr. Lori and her expertise in using the Activator.

We both highly recommend Dr. Lori and her staff of Message Therapists. They'll treat you like family and will give you the greatest care. Dr. Lori does full spine and extremity adjustments using the Activator and also has a staff of Message therapists that do light, medium and deep tissue message.

~Carolyn B. October 2009

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